One of the most common things newcomers do in Canada is finding a part-time job to pay off the cost of living and studying, so whether you are studying to be a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer there are a lot of well-paid part-time jobs available that you can do in the evenings on the weekends and school holidays, to help you live a more financially free life while studying.

I’ve done the research and came up with top 10 highest paying part-time jobs for international students in Canada.

1.Working as Server

One of the most popular part-time job is working as a server or bartender with an average wage of C$15 per hour, although it’s not the highest paying job but remember in Canada a 15 to 25 percent tip is expected, therefore as a server you’re going to get tips three to four times more than your hourly wage, just find a few mid-range to high range price restaurants and apply for all of them and if you get the job you can potentially earn hundreds or even over thousands of dollars a week. I have many friends that used to work as a server and they all claim that if you get only two tables per hour with an average of four people the bill is going to be 200 with 40 dollars in tips, so let’s say two tables per hour plus your hourly wage is almost hundred dollars per hour, and if you work just six hours you can easily make 600 in one day which is amazing. 

2.Driving Uber

Driving for Uber and Lyft became one of the most popular part-time jobs in Canada, especially for international students because it allows you to work whenever you want and wherever you want, now in order to sign up as an Uber driver in Canada, you need a driver’s license, insurance, and vehicle registration, proof of work eligibility, or work permit, background safety check, driving record, vehicle inspection, and your car should meet these requirements like being a four-door vehicle and it must be nine years or newer, so as a driver you’ll make on average 18 dollars per hour but in rush hours like in the morning and evening in downtown areas, you can make up to 28 dollars per hour for two or three short trips. 

3.Delivery Food

Delivering food is a good alternative to traditional temporary or seasonal jobs. you can earn on average C$17 per hour, or in rush hours like in the morning, lunch time, and in the evening you can earn up to 28 dollars per hour. although you can walk to deliver food you might want to consider getting a bicycle or an electric scooter to save your energy and time the top three food delivery apps in Canada right now are Uber Eats, Doordash, and Skipthedishes. so here are the requirements you need to become a delivery driver for Ubereats. if you are delivering by car you’ll need a driver’s license, vehicle insurance, work permit, and background screening, if you are delivering by bike or by walking you’ll only need your proof of work and background screen. 

4.Work As Freelancer

The next part-time job is working as a freelancer which makes on average 26 dollars per hour plus tips. now one of the biggest advantages of working independently as a freelancer is having the freedom of choice, freelancers have the unique ability to choose the clients they want to work with. if you want to work full time most of the year and only part-time during the summer, you’ll have the flexibility and control to make that decision by becoming a freelancer. now the best freelancing website that you can try right now are upwork, and Fiverr, the first step is to sign up which is totally free and set up your profile, next you will create a new gig which is the service you offer and sell in the marketplace, so once you get your first order you’ll deliver it within two to three days and once the customers approve the work you’ll get paid as soon as the payment is available. I mentioned on average freelancers make 26 dollars per hour but depending on your service or customers project you can make up to 100 dollars per hour, for example every year before filing my Canadian taxes I ask my accountants to reconcile my Quickbooks and I pay them 80 dollars per hour. 

5.Cofee Shop

Many students love working in a coffee shops, because the environment is friendly and enjoyable and how can anyone say no to Coffee. on the other hand coffee shops love to hire students because of their flexible schedule although this is one of the lower paying jobs on this list with an average of 15 dollars per hour, but it still has its own bonuses for example if you work for a company like Starbucks you’ll get free coffees a 30 discount and you’ll get at least one week of training and learn the proper way to make great coffees and also you can take food home at the end of the day. 

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One of the most popular part-time jobs in Canada is working as a salesperson. if you are good at talking to people a job in sales may provide the income and flexibility you’re looking for, now on average salespeople make 16 dollars per hour, however your payment depends on where you work some businesses offer commission-based sales which allows you to have more control over your income, for example if you sell gym memberships you’ll get a commission on top of your hourly rates. 

7.Campus Jobs

The easiest way to get a part-time job in Canada is to look for an on-campus job with an average rate of 15 up to 22 dollars per hour, now there are a lot of job opportunities in your college or university so make sure to apply quickly when there are new jobs available in the carrier section of your University’s website you can find jobs in different departments such as Library, bookstore, administrative office, or teaching assistant, you can also get certified as a personal trainer and start working in a gym, or offer private sessions. so I’ve been training for the past 15 years and a few years ago I decided to get certified by Ace and the certification costs 600 so if you decide to work for a gym usually the gym charges clients 100 dollars per hour, and they take 75 dollars and give you only 25 dollars. 

8.Online Tutoring and Teaching

Leverage language skills and subject expertise to offer online tutoring and teaching services. English language lessons are in high demand, as are academic tutoring services in specialized subjects.

9.Online Shopping

The next one is my favorite one because it’s what I’ve been doing over the past seven years so you’ll find a high demand profitable product sources from a Chinese supplier on Alibaba. ship it to Amazon’s warehouse and start selling it online, on Amazon in the beginning you’ll need 500 to 1000 dollars to purchase from China and ship to Canada or your country but over time it pays off as you get more verified reviews you’ll gain more social proof and more customers order, your products on Amazon the good thing about Amazon, is the sky is the limit so you can invest more buy more products and increase your sales. I remember when I started my fitness equipment business I used to earn 600 a month for the first few months but after six months I sold 4000 dollars a month. I remember when covid hit which was in 2019 people started to panic that since government is going to shut down all of the gyms there will be no fitness equipment available so they all paniced and they all bought every single fitness product on Amazon and I made 10,000 dollars in just one day and all of my products went sold out. 

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10.Become A YouTuber

Alright the last and the best part-time job in my opinion is becoming a YouTuber, you might think this is not for you but let me tell you something everyone has something to teach. if you are a student, you can share your university journey if you can fluently speak English, you can teach people how to pass IELTS, TOEFL, and CELPIP. if you recently moved to Canada by getting a work or study Visa you can go ahead and make a video and share your journey with others and share the step-by-step process. 

Now that you’re familiar with the highest paying part-time jobs in Canada the next step is to know the cost of living in Canada like rent food and other monthly expenses.

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