Are you considering migrating to Canada through PNP ?

Have you been struggling in getting a job to boost your CRS ?

Here are the Province you can migrate to without job offer 

There are almost 80 streams across Canada Province and Territories participating in PNP Programs, in order to motivate young skilled workers to work and live in Canada & contribute to its economy, Canadian provinces offer immigration to Applicants without a valid job, some of these Provinces has as low requirements compared to express entry. Since Express Entry Program requires a huge CRS Score, PNP’s are the next best option to migrate to Canada. PNP Programs have easier/Lesser requirements compared to the Express Entry Program.

Misconception: Some Provinces are “Easier” than others to migrate to, however any Province can be easy to migrate to if you meet all of the requirements of their provincial Nominee Program that you will be applying for.


1.Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the most favourite Province for Immigrants, The human capital priorities (HCP) stream of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) allow Applicants with right work experience to migrate without a job offer. Under the HCP stream there are two different categories, one for federal skilled worker program, and the other one for canadian experience class. 

Key Requirements:

1.You need to be eligible for either one of the following,

-Federal Skilled worker program (FSWP)

-Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

-Canadian Express Class (CEC)

2.You need to have an active express entry profile

3.You need at least 1 year of work experience in an NOC from skill type O,AorB

4. You need a language test of CLB7(IELTS/CELPIP for English;TEF/TCF for French)

5.Proof of funds/Settlement funds for you and your family members even if they’re not coming to Canada with you.


1.Make Application on the Ontario e-filing portal(Register your Expression of interest EOI for Ontario.

2.Receive an invitation (ITA) to make a complete application

3.Receive nomination (PNP) certificate from the Province of Ontario 

Creating a profile on the e-filing portal is completely free, Note; you will need to pay your application fee only After receiving an ITA from Ontario.


The Ontario tech pilot does not need a job offer as well, the Ontario tech Program is part of Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities (HCP) Stream. The OINP selects candidates from 6 techn/IT Noc’s In demand in Ontario.

List of targeted National Occupational Classification (NOC) Codes

-Software Engineer and Designers (NOC 2173)

-Computer programmers and interactive media developers(NOC 2174)

-Computer Engineers (NOC 2147)

-Web designers and developers (NOC 2175)

-Database Analyst and data administrator (NOC 2172)

-Computer and information systems manager (NOC 0213)

To be eligible for nomination, Applicants must demonstrate work experience in the above mentioned NOC codes. Your application may be refused if you do not demonstrate work experience in one of the eligible NOC codes.


The next province is saskatchewan, which has its own pnp program named as saskatchewan immigrant nominee program (SINP). It also has many streams, but we won’t talk about all of them. We will only talk about the stream which does not require the job offer, which is the international skilled worker category. Therefore the SINP has two sub streams which is Saskatchewan express entry and occupation in demand.

-The SINP Express Entry Stream automatically pick Eligible candidates from the express entry pool

-The SINP occupation in demand stream, targets occupation that are in demand in Saskatchewan

Key Requirements:

1.Low CLB4 for your Language proficiency test, however it recommended to get at least CLB7 or higher in order to create an Express Entry Profile for the “Saskatchewan Express Entry Stream”

2.Enough proof of funds/Settlement funds for you and your family members even if they’re not coming to Canada with you

3.At least 1 year of work experience in an NOC code 0,AorB (your education must be related to your experience)

4.You need at least 60 point out of 100 in the SINP points grade system

Calculate HERE

3. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP)

Alberta is Canada’s fourth most populated Province, the provincial capital is Edmonton. Its main industries are Crude oil, Sand, Natural Gas and other resources. Majority of jobs in Alberta are from the oils & Natural Gas industries.

Key Requirements:

1.Clb4 for your English proficiency test (IELTS/CELPIP) However it is recommended to get CLB7 or  higher to enable you to apply through the Alberta Express Entry Stream. The other stream of Alberta Opportunity Stream requires a job offer.

2. Low CRS Score of just 300

3.You need proof of funds/settlement funds for you and your family members even if they’re not coming with you to Canada

The ainp’s express entry stream allow nominate limited number of eligible candidates from the government of canada’s express entry pool,  just like that of oinps, hcp draw you cannot apply for it, however ainp select candidates based on the self-declared information in the express entry profile. So remember I told you to select the all provinces and territories option when you create your express entry profile, this is very crucial the eligibility criterias are also very simple, you can also check for in demand jobs. Although Alberta picks candidate profiles from the Express Entry pool and sends them notification of interest letters to the eligible candidates. Once you’ve got that letter, you have to submit the documents and once you’ve received the provincial nomination then you can go on to apply it to the federal government’s express entry system. 


Let’s talk about another famous pnp program which is from manitoba. Manitoba pnp program has many streams as well but we’re not going talk about all the streams and categories instead we will only focus on the skilled workers overseas category, because this is the stream where the job offer is not required but it has condition, let’s talk about that, So the step-by-step process actually involves a similar kind of a process, where you will submit the expression of interest and then the highest scoring qualified candidates with the connection to manitoba are invited to submit an mpnp application, which means that if you’ve  a connection in manitoba, like a friend or relatives living in manitoba and are willing to provide their documents to confirm that you are a known person, if you have such connection in manitoba then you probably score certain points in their points table, kindly note that this is not about the express entry, but it a points in their own points table and in their regular draws. After you get an invitation, you’ll have 60 days to submit a completed application with the required documents and

Following a thorough assessment, the mpnp nominates successful candidates to make a separate application to the government of canada for the canadian pr to join the express entry, i know there won’t be many people due to the criteria of having connections in manitoba.


I’ll move to another province which is Prince Edward island. Prince Edward Island is kind of small province, but still has its own pnp program with quite a few pnp streams, but let talk of PEI pnp express entry, the eligibility criteria says that, to be eligible for the nomination you must meet one of the requirements of one of the federal economic immigration programs. whether it is fsw, fstc or a canadian experience class that the cec of course you should have your express entry profile created, there two different pathways for that but one actually require you to get a job offer, but for the other pathway you don’t need a job offer, that is the pathway that I want to refer in this article, it actually

mentioned in their website that priorities would be given to the applicants that are living and working in the province of Prince Edward Island, but it’s not an eligibility criteria, even if you’re living or working outside of canada and even if you don’t have a job offer you would still be eligible to go through the pei points table check out the eligibility criteria from there website


Québec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Québec is the second most populated Province after Ontario. Around 8.4millions, French is the official language in Quebec. Most jobs available in Quebec are from Tech/IT, Communication tech, Aerospace, Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

It’s provincial Nominee Program is termed as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program/Regular Skilled Worker Program

Key Requirements:

1.CLB4 Language proficiency (English/French) Although a French test (TCF/TEF) will give you more points.

2. 1 year of work experience in the last 10 years in an NOC code in skill type 0,A or B

3.Adequate proof of funds/Settlement funds for you and your family members even if they are not coming to Canada with you

To Apply for this program you need to visit the Arima portal to create an EOI Account & Enter all of your details to get your assignment score.

You will be assessed based on the details you enter while creating your EOI. And if your score is good enough, you will receive a Quebec selection certificate (CSQ), After receiving your Quebec selection certificate, you can submit an application for permanent residency

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